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Star Trek:TOS and Mauler

From: "Mark & Staci Drake" <markandstaci@c...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:48:39 -0600
Subject: Star Trek:TOS and Mauler

****Dean wrote:
OK, after a bit of research on the Mauler in SFB, it is targeted at a
ship, not at an area so a template doesn't really work so how about
using modifid Heavy Beam rules from the Earthforce Sourcebook:

D-6M  Mauler
Mass 48
Cost ?160?
Hull 14 (Average)
Thrust 6
2 Fire Controls
1 Class 2 Beam Battery (all arcs)
2 Maulers (F) - Systems can not be damaged
3 Capacitors - 2 points of energy each

Mauler Rules:
This weapon is just an arrow facing foreward on the SSD, it can not be
damaged by tresholds or needle beems.  It is destroyed when the ship is
destroyed.  It targets a single ship in the Front arc.	For each point
energy drawn from capacitors, roll a D6.  For each full 3" range to the
target ship, subtract 1 from the result of each die.  Total the result
actual damage.	A natural roll of 6 gets a re-roll, but range modifier
applied to all re-rolls when calculating damage.
Energy is drawn from capacitors up to what they have stored (all
are connected to both Maulers).  In addition to the energy from the
capacitors, an additional point of energy can be drawn from the thrust
engines for every 2 points of thrust not used in movement that turn.
Movement orders must indicate the extra thrust must go towards the
for it to be available.

Capacitor Rules:
Each capacitor can store energy up to its designed limit.  For each 2
of thrust not used for movement, 1 point of energy can be stored and
must be indicated in the movement orders.  Capacitors can be damaged
any other system.  If they currently are storing energy when they are
damaged, roll a D6, on a 1-3 the system is damaged and nothing else
on a 4-6, the system is damaged and all the stored energy is released
explosively - roll a D6 per point of energy stored and apply that damage
the ship.

That should give a fun to play ship, lots of potential to do damage, but
also fragile and hard to play.
If you don't have the EFSB, these rules are similar but not the same. 
bands are 6", capacitors get charged randomly and are not tied to
beam emitters can be damaged like other systems, etc.  I made the
changed I
did to make it more similar to the Mauler rules from SFB.

Dean Gundberg

***Dean, This sounds great--I did take a look at the EFSB and that
like a good idea also--will give yours a try as it is closer to the SFB
model for Trek.Is there a range limit for the Mauler (X# of inches?) ,
or is
it just limited by the range modifier and # of dice rolled?
Thanks for the help on this--and to everyone else that contributed to
discussion.Will post the initial scenario once I have all the stats
out (need to finish up starbase stats.)***

Mark Drake

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