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Star Trek:TOS ship stats questions....

From: "Mark & Staci Drake" <markandstaci@c...>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 17:43:18 -0600
Subject: Star Trek:TOS ship stats questions....

Right now I am working on an adaptation of a  scenario from an
FASA Romulan scenario pack (from FASA ST yahoo group) where a Federation
cargo ship and destroyer escort are heading thru one of two lanes in an
asteroid field to reach the safety of a Fed. outpost and base on a
planet;the convoy is being pursued by 2 Klingon D7 cruisers,while 2
Birds of
Prey take the other lane to try and cut them off.
Just outside the asteroid filed is a Fed.outpost covering the exit
lanes,while further away is a starbase around the planet and its moon
a base on the far side of the planet.) The cargo ship needs to make it
the far side of the planet,where the planetary base defenses will cover
it;the Klingons must destroy the cargo ship.
Reinforcements are available to each side,Klingons get a B10,C7 and a
D6M(Mauler),while the Feds get an Excelsior BB and an Enterprise CA
(maybe a
Fenelon monitor instead of CA....not sure on this one yet.)

I will be using Dean Gundberg's posted FASA conversions for the
need to do up one
for the D6M--figure it is weak D7,and will have the Mauler as a
Wave Cannon,with only 12"range and only 1"wide fire template (best
as I do not own Star Fleet Battles rules and info on the Mauler is
scarce if
you dont have SFB,but did find a reference to it in a SFB product
description.) Any ideas on how to do the D6M?

For game components I am using FASA maps and counters,along with the SFB
Megahex counters.So am looking for ideas on using stats for a
starbase,too....anyone else used an ST:TOS starbase in FT?

Any help on this is appreciated......thanks.

Mark Drake

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