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[FT] Campaign guidelines Re: [FT] Campaign Poll

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 09:05:54 -0600
Subject: [FT] Campaign guidelines Re: [FT] Campaign Poll

One off games as part of a campaign narrative thread, so a game or
game's may inspire the next, but there is no bookkeeping or anything
that. In the past we did do massive campaigns from first space launch to
galactic supremacy, but personal circumstances of all involved make
campaigning in a proper way impossible. Besides we found that a full on
Campaign just turns into Cost Accountancy in Space. We prefer well
if logistically unsound, carnage.

As I pointed out a long time ago, a similar thing could be done in a
tourney setting but describing it as only part of a large space battle.
Used in teams, you could claim winning locally could be added to a

If you assume normal space movement insystem, a week's or month's or
longer campaign can indicate travel between local battles, giving time
repair and resupply. However, if I could get something like this going,
prefer to move to persistant damage, which makes for cautious play if
have to save SOMETHING for the next go. This can be a problem if it
stand-back 'safe' play, but working the victory terms can ameliorate.

A grand battle even suggests PSB for closed tables, assuming a ship
wandering off into another battle will be almost useless until synching
with the area command net.


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