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(SG) SaVasku bioconstructs

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 09:47:44 +1100
Subject: (SG) SaVasku bioconstructs


>In the Stargrunt range there are some "bugs" as well, even with
>ranged weapons. I think they are quite big compared to the normal
>sized human soldiers.

That's what makes them so scary ;)
The GZG bugs aren't actually too bad vs 25-28mm figs though and a horde
of them running up the field is impressive (we've done a few bug hunts
here). Its even wilder if you use DS bugs as anotehr troop type... bugs
galore ;)

> They would be fast on most open terrain and could probably carry
> enough armour to feel relatively safe from small-arms fire. They seem
> big enough to carry weapons with a respectable firepower.

Some of them even have "weapon-mount" arms, which we've used as either a
"SAW" (firing dart-like ammo we reckoned) or "plasma-gun"

> On the other hand - they are big enough to be easily hit with anti-
> armour weaponry, unless ECM glands are at large. 

More for game fun than anything we treat them as PA when fired on by
heavy weapons. Though we do let people fire IAVRs at them if they so
desire ;)

> And they would have quite some problems to go after humans to
> tighter spaces. 

That's where the DS bugs come in handy ;)

> That would justify smaller units, and we've
> toyed with some ideas what they could be:
> One of the favourites were the "alien" type things..
> One other was the "Blob" type units..
> One idea was ... a big, tiger sized catlike thing with tubelike
> things in place of it's mouth...
> The conclusion was human sized units...

That's the beauty of bio-constructs you can have just about anything so
just let your imagination run wild ;)

In FT they grow drones and that's an idea you could maybe drag across
and adapt too (if you didn't think the SG timescale was too short to do

> Weapons based on very small organisms - even parasites were not
> disclosed, but would be hard to come up with reasonable rules for
> them at that scale.

Twp possible options are:
1) fire as normal, but in the wound resolution (due to medic) treatment
step if they roll a "dead" result they actually become controlled by the
Sa'Vasku player instead.

2) fire as normal, but a medic roll is needed to remove suppression not
a quality roll. If a "stabilised or ok result" is rolled then the
suppression is removed if a "dead" result is rolled then the unit is
still suppressed (still trying to get rid of the parasites!)



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