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RE: Full Thrust Age of Sail?

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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 12:43:28 -0500
Subject: RE: Full Thrust Age of Sail?

Rob Paul sent this to the list in 1996:

1) 1 minor rules change:  Beams with only 2 non-adjacent arcs (ie P&S)
2) Rules of thumb to convert Napolenic warships to FT/MT (to produce a
starting point design which can be adjusted as appropriate).
a) Mass= Number of guns as rated - so for example a 3rd Rate 74 gun ship
the line becomes a Mass-74 capital ship, and a 36 gun 5th rate frigate
the old sense) becomes a Mass-36 cruiser.

b) For "rated" ships (1st to 6th), add 1 screen generator and 2 PDAF PER
GUNDECK (assuming fighters/missiles will will be allowed for fun!
replace the PDAF with SM packs or beams according to taste).

c) Limit forward-firing armament to 1 mass-point _per Gundeck_ (usually
3-arc C-batteries)

d) Convert the broadside armament to beams:  
Usually say half thearmament is the heaviest appropriate to the vessel's
type, half the second heaviest.  A-batteries represent 32pounders down
24s; B-batteries represent 24s down to 18s; C's represent anything

e) Thrust = the vessel's rate, except that 100-gun 1st rates are allowed
thrust of 2.  Enormous 1st Rates, eg Spanish 112's and the 130-gun
Santissima Trinidad, are superships.

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