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Re: [DS] House Rules: ZADS

From: Brian B <greywanderer987@y...>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 09:08:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [DS] House Rules: ZADS

--- A J Martin <> wrote:
> I came up with an alternative design sequence for
> ZAD/ADS and different
> method of applying ZAD/ADS against Aerospace which
> seems to get around this
> problem. Perhap it might be helpful?
> Other Weapons for Area Defense Systems
> ======================================
> To use another direct fire weapon system (other than
> RFAC/2, HVC/3 and HVC/4
> equivalents),

Why these specific equivalents?  The original rules
equated ALL ZADS' to RFAC 2's.	Did youtr house rules
line up the three listed above with B, E, & S  ZADS'?

 mount your chosen twin weapons in a
> turret, and work out the
> cost for the twin weapons. Multiply the cost by ten
> and that is the price of
> the system in points.

How'd you come up with this cost formula?

> The range of the system is equal to long range of
> the individual weapon
> systems. 

I prefer the option of giving ADS rangebands, based on
the weapons - not just make the long range of the
weapon an all-encompassing range.

To make this system consistent with the
> current ADS, the DSII basic
> ADS/ZAD should only have range of 24" (RFAC/2 max.
> range), and the DSII
> enhanced ADS/ZAD should only have a range of 32"
> (HVC/3 max. range).

My HR's would eliminate the separate ADS, all ADS
would be built using the HR construction rules.  
> The ADS quality die is based on the size of the
> weapon: size 1 to size 5 is
> D4 to D12 respectively.

Hmmm.... why?  Shouldn't that be determined by the
quality of Firecon?

 Draw damage chits equal to
> size class of weapon.

Makes perfect sense.

> Even though *two* weapon systems are fitted, only
> *one* set of damage chits
> are drawn. 

Porque?  I also don't advocate increasing damage, but
that's because I am for resolving a separate To Hit
Roll for each barrel.....  The system you've described
doesn't seem to give any advantage to multiple
barreled systems.....

Damage validities as per existing ADS
> damage validities, i.e. all
> chits count.

Damage validities should be as per weapon type.

> If you want, you can use a single weapon instead.
> Just install it in a
> turret, and multiply the points cost by 10. But,
> only *red* chits are valid.
> If you want *all* chits valid, multiply the points
> cost by 20 instead of 10.
> Or you can install quad weapons. Just install them
> in a turret, and multiply
> the points cost by 5. *All* chits will be valid.
> You could install three weapons in turret, multiply
> by 5, but you will only
> get *red* and *yellow* chits valid.

The above section seemed really complicated to me, and
unnecessary if I apply the other rules I've come up
with so far....

> Zone Area Defence against Aerospace units
> =========================================
> If the projected aerospace element's flight path
> goes through a Zone Area
> Defence (ZAD) envelope of fire, roll for the nerve
> of the aerospace
> element's pilot as usual. Failure means that the
> pilot has lost his nerve
> and failed to complete the attack run. If the flight
> path will go through
> two or more ZAD envelopes of fire, make multiple
> bravery rolls. The
> reasoning behind this, is that the more defences the
> aerospace unit has to
> go through, the higher the likelihood that this
> pilot won't be coming back
> alive!
> These rolls are made after the path of the aerospace
> unit has been declared,
> but before the aerospace unit comes on the table.
> Those elements failing
> their bravery check lose their activation this turn.
> They claim to their
> commander that they have some minor malfunction
> which should clear up in a
> while and they return to orbiting the battlefield in
> a more safer place.

All of the above makes sense, although I'm considering
how the new rules will affect threat levels for the
pilot's Nerve roll..... we'll see....

For the most part, I'm ready to roll with the new
rules, thanks to the input of the group.  More on that
in a separate post.

"Teach a man to make fire, and he will be warm for a day.  Set a man on
fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life."   -- John A.

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