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RE: [FT] Mobile mine field(?) suggestions sought

From: devans@n...
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:19:20 -0600
Subject: RE: [FT] Mobile mine field(?) suggestions sought

Excellent! I worried I wasn't clear enough, but you've seen through my
mumblings quite nicely!

This is fairly straightforward to implement when you have a powerful CPU
updating fifty times a second, less trivial with a pocket calculator and
the granularity of an FT turn !

As I assumed, but sometimes such complicated 'behaviours' can be
approximated with a set of fairly simple rules. I crossed my fingers and

I'd suggest defining one bot as a 'swarm leader', and he moves by a set
of rules - which could be as simple as "always move towards the target".
The others bots in the swarm would merely keep formation with the leader
instead of having their own rules (a bit like moving the squad leader in
SG2 and placing the rest of the squad around him). Speed of the swarm
would be low and I guess they'd effectively move like fighters.
Alternatively, each swarm member could obey a simple rule like "always
move towards the swarm leader".

At first blush, this sounds like field-as-being concept in effect. I'll
cogitate on it more, though.

And, yes, I was figuring on 360 degree fire and movement to keep things
simple, though I thought I'd still include either cinematic or vector

Vector or cinematic will make a difference, but generally I'd say
a. maintain a minimum 2" disperal between units, while
b. moving toward the Unmodified End Point of the target, and
c. attempt to match vectors with it

Getting closer to what I had in mind for a description, though I'll also
have to 'cogitate' on this. At the least, as this is a particular area
that's guarded by the field, the units would have a 'call back' set of

On the other hand, this starts getting almost hopelessly complex with
multiple, dispersed bogies, and once you add levels-of-threat...!

However, the scenerio percholating in me brain requires something that
have this complexity to have flaws exploited by particular lines of

The Federation base may YET fall to the Cardassian fleet!


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