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[SG] Alarishi units

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 21:51:47 -0500
Subject: [SG] Alarishi units

Developing useful information on Alarishi units is difficult, both
because of the concerted IBIS disinformation campaign and because of
the wide variety of units and equipment found in AE space.  Each
sovereignity is responsible for maintaining their own defensive units,
and these range from the laughable (New Los Angeles) to the lethal
(Templars).  Most sovs maintain professional mercenaries or a trained
militia; some have unconventional defenses (eg Turing Republic,
Musashi, BioGen, Forward Power).  The Alarishi Empire also has a
disproportionately high population of mercenary organizations, ranging
from tiny infiltration teams to a reinforced armored brigade, and many
of these have contingency contracts from the Imperial government.  The
regular Imperial forces at least maintain a certain uniformity in
equipment (all powered armor) and training (excellent, although highly
specialized for vacuum/low gravity); however, the organization is
flexible, with subunits varying in both size and number.  The
following is presented as a typical--not "standard"--Imperial platoon.

Platoon Leader (Independent)
Fire Team 1: Team leader +  5 men (2 support weapons)
Fire Team 2: Team leader + 4 men (2 support weapons)
Fire Team 3: Team leader + 4 men (2 support weapons)
Assault Team:  Team leader + 5 men (close combat weapons)
Weapons Team: Team leader + 2 men (ground mount DFFG/1)
Support Team: Marksman/Sniper, Medic, EW, FAO/ship liaison
(support team members may be autonomous)

Typical support includes an anti-vehicle squad or combat walkers
from Company; artillery of one form or another (depending on local
if any); and mission-specific attachments such as combat engineers.

A sampling of other units found in AE space:

New LA militia: Roll 3d10+20.  Take that many figures from whatever
human miniatures you have (all periods including fantasy including
"gentlemen's collectibles").  Quality is 90% yellow, 10% green.  One
figure in 20 (selected randomly) may have "chemically assisted Dutch
courage"--treat it as a Last Stand unit which always seeks to attack,
preferably in close combat.  Medievalists may be organized as a
separate unit;	if so, they are 60% regular/40% green quality for
tasks (downshift 1 for morale related rolls) but, due to bickering,
may not transfer command reactivations.

Reynolds Shipbuilding militia uses laser weapons and NSL equivalent
equipment .  Three squads of nine men each, plus a five man missile/EW
squad and a platoon leader.  Quality is 70% green / 20%blue /
10%orange.  Reinforcements are typically ESU-equivalent powered armor
(heavy construction work gear).  Coordination above the company level
is likely to be amateurish; however, the troops are familiar with the
maze of industrial facilities on and around their docks and planetoid
surface, and are likely to be more proficient in zero-gee than any

BioGen: use non-human miniatures, Cthulhu mythos or Aliens for
preference.  Quality is Veteran or Elite.

Knights Templar have a separate page.


Alarishi Imperial Weapons and Equipment

Imperial Tactical Technologies is the largest and best-known name in
the Alarishi industrial military complex.  ITT divisions provide a
wide array of military equipment, from sensors to battle armor to
warships.  While the Imperial government is a major shareholder, ITT
also sells many of its products to other clients within and outside AE
space.	Similar equipment is also available from Reynolds Battlefield
Technologies or other manufacturers.

All these weapons function in vacuum and zero gravity, which means
that they do not need air for cooling, gravity for ammo feed, etc.;
however, only the lasers are low-recoil weapons for purposes of zero
gee combat.   The stats listed are for use in atmosphere. Lasers used
in vacuum gain +1 dieshift to Impact; plasma weapons used in vacuum
gain a +1 dieshift to FP to indicate increased range.

Conventional weapons:
ITT AGL30 is a licensed copy of the NSL auto-grenade launcher.
ITT RG4 Gauss Rifle FP2 IMP D12  "Intended to compete with the FSE
weapon; designed by legal (in some jurisdictions) reverse
ITT SG30 assault shotgun can use conventional pellets or penetrator
flechette loads, for FP3 IMPd8 or FP2 IMPd10.

Energy weapons:
ITT LR3 Laser Rifle FP3 IMP D8	Low recoil
ITT LRS10 Laser Sniper Rifle FP D12 IMP D8 Low recoil.
ITT PGMP85 FP D8 IMP D12* This weapon uses antimatter microburst
cartridges instead of the conventional power cell/laser array to
generate the plasma pulse. The smaller round makes possible a higher
rate of fire.  High recoil, requires powered armor.
ITT DFFG01 is a favorite support weapon

The following are effectively unobtainable, require powered armor, and
have a remark^h^h^  purely coincidental resemblance to KV grav-pulse
ITT RG4K Railgun Rifle FP2 d12*
ITT RGS4K Railgun Sniper Rifle FPd8 IMPd12*
ITT RG6K Heavy Railgun FPd6 IMP2d8*

AE Advanced Powered Battle Armor technology was initially based on
licensed designs for NSL fast/heavy powered armor, with improvements
(and price increases) based on the AE's extensive experience and
research.  Three basic frames are available:
    Fast: 2d4 armor, 16/2d8 movement
    Standard: 2d6 armor, 12/d12 movement
    Heavy: 2d8 armor, 8/d8 movement

After selecting a frame, modification kits provide capabilities for
specific functions, including Raider, Combat Engineer, Medic, Assault,
Marine, Assault Marine, and others.  All versions of APBA have a
variable-appearance surface, which can be tuned to Parade, Dress, or
Adaptive color schemes.  The Adaptive--also known as
Chameleon--surface gives a range die shift to the defense die:
    +2 range band shift versus troops with primitive or basic sensors
(lower tech)
    +1 shift versus troops with enhanced sensors (equivalent tech)
    +0 shift versus troops with superior sensors (higher tech)
Note that this die shift applies to spotting and attack rolls, but
does  not apply to Impact vs Armor rolls.

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