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From: Rick Rutherford <Rick@e...>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:30:42 -0500
Subject: RE: UCAVs

Yes, but knowing what you know about computers & networks, would you
what you read from the computerized readout without double-checking
Or, more to the point, would you trust your life to it?
Hearing something like, "According to Microsoft Monitor(TM), everything
checks out just fine. Lets go!" would put a chill up my spine... :)

-- Rick Rutherford

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From: Thomas Barclay
Sent: 10/28/01 1:31 AM
Subject: UCAVs

--> Now that, my friends, is Aliens(TM) level technology. Being able to
monitor the state of your combat vehicles while they are containerized
an access port. Even neater would be 802.11 or something like that - a
wireless way - just walk buy the crate and it tells you what is in it,
state the contents are in, etc. Now THAT is technology put to an

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