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Re: Battle Music

From: Andy Cowell <andy@c...>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 08:21:38 -0600
Subject: Re: Battle Music

In message <006501c1607f$ddbdc880$f6bb0aca@avis>, "Alan and Carmel
Brain" write
> From: "Jonathan white" <>
> > Hmm, You might also want to consider the theme music CD to
> We watched a DVD of Gladiator immediately after watching a tape of
> And said "WHAT????"

Heh.  I believe the chants were pulled directly from the movie-- I can
discern no difference whatsoever.  I've looked around for Zulu chants
like this (iziGiyo), and can't find any, even after consulting with a
few (random) ethnomusicologists.

Zulu is truly a great movie.  I snagged a military history mag the
other day, and a writer and the Editor listed it as one of the top ten
war movies of all time (one at #2, and one at #6).

"Father, why do they have those tiny spears?"

P.S.: Somewhat topical, my favorite wargaming music is the Conan the
Barbarian soundtrack scores by Basil Poledouris and Carl Orff's O
Fortuna from Carmina Burana (also used in CtB).


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