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RE: DS2:Scratchbuilding a dropship

From: "Eli Arndt" <emu2020@w...>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 18:27:24 -0800
Subject: RE: DS2:Scratchbuilding a dropship

First off,

I'd avoid making judgements until after you detail, paint and finish the
thing.	Working with green putty on metal, a lot of the times I have
felt the same way lookign at the raw work.  Usually, after a good
base-coating of primer, it all comes together, lookign like a whole once

Unless everything is floppy and leaning at odd angles, I would really
give it a bit of time.	Add some fiddly bits, use some puty to give it
some decoartive bumps and such with proper PSB reasoning.  Paint it and
then see if you still think it looks like you thought it looked.


> David Tan <> "''"
<> DS2:Scratchbuilding a dropshipDate: Mon, 29
Oct 2001 11:27:17 +1100
>Has anyone attempted scratch building a dropship (a la the big GZG
one)?  I
>can't afford the commercial thing and was wondering how one would do it
>balsa, stockcard, foamboard??
>I tried making a card template over the w'end and it was a big flop.  I
>could cut it accurately enough using thick card and then had to fill in
>gaps using artistic medium.  In the end it looked like a really bad 1st
>fine arts student attempt at sculting.  very dissappointing.  Any ideas
>dave tan
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