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Part 1 of Just why would you use mixed turrets?

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 12:02:40 EDT
Subject: Part 1 of Just why would you use mixed turrets?

I have been thinking (oh brother!) about those mixed turrets on
essentially one of my Nation's AFV's.

This is not a 'multiple turret' as per the DS2 rules, this is a mixed
systems turret design choice area idea.

We are talking here about two different weapon systems (not just sizes
but actual system differences such as HEL and DFFG) in the same turret -
one main, and one 'CoAx' gun.

First let's make one point this is not a gun and  an APSW thing. 
an APSW in a  coax mounting appears to be non-existent in the rules but
definitely has no advantages and possibly some disadvantages.  But that
is another e-mail...

So, **Why** would you do this?

Well here are some reasons:

(assume you design AFV to fit a particular "national"

1)  If you use HEL's and you want something more effective against AFV
close and personal.


2)  You want an effective Anti-Infantry weapon that reaches beyond the
12" range of the APSW and preferably out to if not past the 36" of the
infantry carried GMS/L.


3)  You have a short range and effective Anti-AFV weapon but you want a
"sniper" gun for longer range shots at light vehicles, "TOW-Trucks"
(class 1/2 and soft skinned vehicles armed with GMS/H's,)  and
scout/observer vehicles beyond main gun range calling down the Arty
 This is generally a matter of DFFG using nations since Nations using
primarily HVC, RFAC and (lesser?) HKP weapons will be using CFE or maybe
HMT power plants.  Else they would be considering the MDC if they used
FGP's.	Although a HEl/1 is certainly a viable option for them as I will
discuss later.

There may be other reasons but these three came up when I created my
campaign nations for scenario generation.

What weapons to consider...

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