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Re: PA carried DFFGs?

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:47:31 EDT
Subject: Re: PA carried DFFGs?

Oh Lord the scale inconsistency thing arises it's head!  <grin>

I used to think  that the TMP ( scale in the
reference system was a great  place to start (still do to some extent)
that you learn that 

1)two different lines of "X  mm" figures are figured totally


2)If I mix plastic and metal but create enough races (human, humanoid,
humanoid looking animal based, non-humanoid animal/plant races - I can
rationalize anything I want.  Mouse warriors (Yes, those are mine on the
Eureka 100 club,) Irregular's 33mm "25mm" meta human 'Giants,' Irregular
15mm Sf figures as "Elves" (actually pretty nice figures in my mind,)
'true' 25mm Reviresco humans and humanoids (Go Nektons!) and 6mm (and
there is a world of difference between 6mm lines) "Death Sprites" that
I was a Stargrunt (as opposed to Starguard) player I could use anything
together by just designing the scenarios to match the "races" I have on
hand.  HAven't tried the 2mm stuff, yet.

(Pet Peeve alert - pun intended) BTW, why do we call them "Races"?  
Wouldn't "species" be more appropriate?  "Race" isn't even useful in
describing human groupings in Stargrunt!

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On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:46:25 -0700 "Brian Bilderback"
<> writes:
>Chris DeBoe wrote:
>> > Help me clear up what exactly 15mm SHOULD be.  eg 6mm is roughly 
>> > 1/300th.  is 15 mm 1/144th? 1/100th? 1/72nd?
>>1/112 ?  1/118 ?  Something like that.
>Then the old HG stuff is too big.  Being HO, it's probably closer to 
>I always thought 25mm was in the 1/35th range.  Shows you what I know.
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