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Re: Hi from a newcomer !

From: "Alan and Carmel Brain" <aebrain@a...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:10:42 +1000
Subject: Re: Hi from a newcomer !


> > I've just subscribed to this list so I have no idea what it is like-
> perhaps
> > I should wait a bit but I guess I'm keen to jump in! So, hello to
> everyone.
> This list is a bit peculiar in that:
> a. it has a very good signal-to-noise ratio.
> b. there are exceptionally few flames
> c. Jon Tuffley not only runs GZG, he also reads this list
> d. the list members are generally intelligent, perceptive, educated

Example: we have at least one person who's an expert on exterior
as well as being an applied mathematician of some considerable ability,
who's a Naval Combat System designer who's currently doing spaceflight
for an ambitious R&D satellite, and a marine biologist who works at the
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
other luminaries, serving personnel in armed forces etc.

And all of whom realise that they have no direct line to God and are
to listen to anyone's thoughts so that they may learn something. So go
jump in anyway. Everyone here's pretty civilised, if a flame starts then
participants soon realise it and extinguish it with self-deprecating

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