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[SGII]: PA in close assault, Multiple opponents

From: "Richard Kirke" <richardkirke@h...>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 17:41:44 +0000
Subject: [SGII]: PA in close assault, Multiple opponents


After that question about PA in CA I have been thinking about CA rules
PA n stuff. I have even been doing some number crunching (OK, I was in a
session and I had to watch it reflux for an age!).

All my sums are based on Veteran PA trooper vs Regular ordinary soldiers

with no CA weapons;

According to my numbers, a PA trooper fighting an ordinary trooper (or
from here on), has an 85% chance of surviving (since a PA trooper is
hard I feel surviving is enough) the first round of combet, this makes
him a 
monster (all right an proper in my opinion)!

Against 2 men, he has a 77.5% chance of surviving.

BUT my big problem is that as more and more men try and take this guy
then the formula for n soldiers attacking him is as follows:

7   +	6   x 100
10     40n

This means that if you let n (the number of men) tend to infinity, the 
chance of the PA trooper surviving is still 70%

This would mean that in CA a PA soldier can take on as many people as he

likes and still have a 70% chance of coming out on top! This I feel
them too hard. I can hear the words "Starship Troopers" in my ears so I
say this:

If PA soldiers are were that powerful, would they be deployed in 6/4 man

squads against ordinary infanrty? Would't arming them with two SAWs or a
and a hard target killing device (PPG?) and deploying them as
(giving them sufficient fire-power to compete with squads of men) and 1
being the equivalent to a squad, and telling them to get on with it, in
same way as the Mobile Infantry from Henleiln's master-piece.

But the rules as they stand mean that it i snot worth trying to
PA in CA by massing attacks, its just not worth it.

My suggestion is that some kind of shifting system should be applied to 
outnumbered soldiers (PA or other-wise) in CA, I thought as open shift
a -1 die shift for the outnumbered trooper (though still giving the PA
double, coz they are still pretty hard!).

With the multiple people rolling 1 dice each and comparing as in the
the chances (still of survival, maybe not soo apropriate, but hey) are

n=1:	85%
n=2:	71.9%
n=3:	58%
n=4:	34.4%
n=5:	10% (it gets a bit brutal when the thing is D10/D4 doubled)
n=6:	6% (ouch, but if you've got 5 guys on you, you have to be bruce-
    lee in a PA suit to survive!)

Lets not forget that CA is bayonetes, grenades, point blank rifle shots
If PA can suffer from small arms ranged combats, then they've gotta
against 5 guys up close and personal.

A bit less brutal for outnumbered people is:

Modified dice roll as above, but only one dice for the guys ganging up
the poor victim, and then if the victim wins by more than double then he

knocks down two, more than triple he knocks down three etc, I dont feel
its brutal enough for me.

What do you guys think?



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