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Merging Spearhead and DSII

From: "Andrew Martin" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:30:28 +1300
Subject: Merging Spearhead and DSII

> > What would be really great would be to adapt Spearhead rules to use
Dirtside II equipment and technology. A SF Spearhead.

Brian Bilderback wrote:
> Especially if it's a divisional level game - it would certainly be
nice to
have a tier of ground combat above DS II.

Yes it would. I must write down what I've got floating around in my
head. So
far, I've got vehicle speed measured on the D4 - D12 FMA scale -- I'm
intending vehicles to only move when a player physically moves the
model on the table top.

Number of vehicles in a unit is recorded on the table by one model, with
D6 with the uppermost number equalling the number of extra vehicles in
unit, and the orientation of the unit. So D6 to the left and behind is
echelon left, while to the right and behind is echelon right, behind is
line, to the left is inline flanking, and ditto to the right, while D6
front is retreating/reversing.

Andrew Martin
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