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Re: Islamic Ships

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 08:26:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Islamic Ships

> Anyone got any pictures of painted Islamic ships on a website.
> The 3 schemes we're thinking of are
> 1) Orange
> 2) Sand
> 3) Green, White and Black (like the flag)

  I thought about sand but these spaceships, so don't have much sand
to hide in.
  When--Real Soon Now--I get around to stripping and repainting my IF
fleet (they won't come out to play, they've been depressed since they
saw Agis' Kra'Vak ships), they'll be black (main body) and green
(wings).  The green is a metallic, specifically DecoArt's Crystal
Green, which I picked up in a craft store.  Add a tiny bit of
detailing, then gloss or satin coat.
  If I'm feeling overconfident, I'll paint on hull numbers in white on
the starboard wing.  Note that Arabic numbers go left-to-right (unlike
their script) but the digits aren't the same as ours (even though ours
are called "arabic").
  If I'm feeling insanely overconfident, I may try painting ship names
for some of the BBs and SDNs in Arabic script, using a 000 brush and a
magnifying glass.  If you actually achieve that, though, I don't think
I want to know about it.

Roger said:
>But... what about the other powers? The Islamics, UN, and so on? I
realise that there aren't ship lists for them, but has anything been
ventured in terms of design concepts?

 Right now (ie this week) you can find stats at
That'll move (and look much better IMHO) in a week or so.  I haven't
added stats for the cruisers, SDN or CVA yet, those are coming soon.

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