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Re: [DS] Force List for Review

From: Noel Weer <nsweer@i...>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:18:29 -0600
Subject: Re: [DS] Force List for Review

Casquilho, Daniel wrote:

> Hello Robert,
>>> A heavy tank unit of just two tanks is kind of...light on the
>>> (not a lot of firepower--assuming the tanks are "normal" size).
>	I was using the minis I have on this one. I am looking for one
> pack of the figures so I can field four of them. I have them as size
> tanks. They are larger then the Deimos but I figure they could be used
> a size 4 anyway.

Yep, work with what you have... one way to help is if you can justify 
their being short is by making them veteran and/or an experienced 
leader. It will not keep them from dying when shot, but it should help 
keep a gun in play if 1 goes down and you lose half the unit...

>>> Unless you've got something you are defending,...
>	I should have said this force is for a defender force. Ted will 
> be playing an attacking force against this one.
>>> ...the infantry is going to get left in the dust so you really need
>>> have some APC/IFV types.
>	I do have APC's that I could use, but I thought that it would be

> less likely for me to need to move as a defender. I am sure I will
> much in this first game :-)

Never underestimate movement. Especially when defending. When you have 
an infantry unit get overrun and chewed up by APSWs it is annoying, if 
nothing else.

>>> And don't forget that you will have to "pay" for your artillery 
>>> ammunition.  If that seems a bit expensive for you, you could turn 
>>> the missile carriers into SLAM tanks and fill out that heavy tank 
>>> unit of yours.
>	The cost does include ammo. (2 shots each worth) The program I 
> used had a slot to "add" the number of salvos you wanted.
>	Thank you for your feedback.
>		Daniel

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