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RE: That Age Thing

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 13:54:53 -0500
Subject: RE: That Age Thing

Hang in there Mark!

Some day, unless you are lucky enough to get a spouse that games like
and Beth, you too will be able to hear "More ships? When are you going
have enough?"

I cut my loses and try not to answer the question.

I always loved games. I started by playing Candy Land (at 3? 4?) and
progressed through the other board games. Around 7th grade, I started
playing Dungeons and Dragons (this was also about the time I started to
for pleasure). I did this through College, doing other RPGs like Gamma
and Star Frontiers (Scifi being a first love). In college, I was
to Risk, Nuclear Armageddon and Ogre. Turning my attentions toward
I got married about this time, and gaming took a back seat to putting
on the table. I was still in a GOOD RPG (home grown role (not roll)
playing). After we got back on our feet, I started to play Battletech. I
fortunate enough to get into a good 2 year campaign (its still running
last I heard). I then began to look for a shorter game. Full Thrust was
the game I had been looking for! I am now 37.

Brian Bell

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> I'm 26 and I've been gaming (starting with my first RPG, Star
> since I was 12.    Most of the pepople I game with are around my age,
> a
> couple of teenagers and fellows in their 40s thrown in to make a
> reasonable bell curve.  Naturally, the rest of civilization considers
> interests in gaming--not to mention science fiction, animation, and
> toys--to
> be "childish."  When I explained what miniature wargaming is to one of
> co-workers I was told "you are the only grown man I know who STILL
> with toys."  Although She-Who-Is-Not-To-Be-Named originally thought
> was interesting, she eventually used it as one of her reasons for
> me.  ("Your 24... These games are for children.  You've got to grow up
> sometime, or else...")  My father will shake his head saddly whenever
> sees me painting or packing my stuff togther for a night at the local
> store.
>     I have just one question:  What's the age limit on having a good
> in
> this society?  Where is does it say (beside that stupid St. Paul
> that
> I can't have a little "childish" fun?    Huh.... HUH!!!  ANSWER ME!
> <sob.... sob....>
> Later,
> Mark A. Siefert
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