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FMAS names

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 10:20:17 -0500
Subject: FMAS names

>From the list:

Bayonet Point
-- Too much 19th century.

Killing Ground
-- Or if you are a Sun-Tzu fan, "Death Ground"

Combat Drop
-- Drop Troops was a BT supplement. And the game is supposed to cover
man-2-man skirmish not planetary assaults (like Prefect from RL). 

Combat Team
-- Visions of Harold Coyle or Tom Clancy...

Sharp Edge
-- Prefer "Sharp End" myself 

Man Down
-- Like it! (It describes what happens most of the time...)

Weapons Free
-- This (for me) conjures a more naval image... or air force...

CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
-- Or Close Action? Or Close Contact? Close Contact would be good to
the description of a skirmish game with a 1":2m groundscale.... 

Close Assault (probably used)
-- Possibly not... and it does describe a game mechanic

Full Auto
-- This isn't bad either 

Immediate Action - too long
-- I like it, but it has too many syllables. 

Reaction Fire
-- another good one... mechanic in the game....

I add a few more:

Hostile Contact! 

Rapid Fire! 

Target Destroyed

Sustained Fire

Go To Ground

Unfriendly Fire (of course, there is no such thing as Friendly Fire)

Killing Ground (another Sun Tzu hommage)

Orbital Assault 

Shots Fired!

Taking Fire!

Under Fire!

Plasma Strike!

As for the idea of calling it Stargrunt:.... , I don't think that's so
It isn't Stargrunt. It's an FMA game. If you wanted to use that style of
branding, use FMA:SG3 and FMA:<whatever our skirmish is> as the
identifiers... FMA is the system. Not Stargrunt. 

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