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From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 17:04:54 -0000
Subject: Re:FT-WotW-EMP

Charles Taylor wrote-

>'EMB Beams' aka Ion Cannon - these use a beam battery-like mechanic,
>possibly using 'virtual damage' (my vote) or basing the thresholds done
>by the number of hits scored. They affect 1 target ship per use.

I like, simple.

>'EMP Bolt' aka ION torpedo - use the pulse torpedo mechanic to
>if it hits.

Also simple, so I like this.

>'EMP Missiles' either big MT types or salvos.

Ditto, like, simple.

>I think I still support my 'birtual damage' mechanic for the time
>on the grounds that its probably easier to balance and a weapon that,
>it hits, causes a shipwide threshold with some set threshold number,
>although, admittedly, it has its own problems.

 Don`t like, Due to introducing a virtual double dammage track for the
ships, therefore doubling the reacord keeping required. How about where
emp attack (of whatever type) causes a hit, it WILL knock out a system.
system to be knocked out is rolled for on one of the suggested tables.
defender then nominates a operating system to check, and the attacker
rolls to see if this system is knocked out (say- 5 or 6 on a D6?), if
the defender keeps nominating until all the hits caused by the emp
are used up.

This may have been mooted before, but it clears my mind of a idea I had
floating around.

Also, if a system is affected by a emp weapon, is it knocked out (and
repairable by dcp`s)?, temperarly knocked out (comes back online within
set number of turns/within a D6 number of turns)?, or permanently
out (I say not, that`s what needle beams are for)?.

"yorkshire born,yorkshire bred,
strong in arms, thick in head"

PS-Sorry if my replies aren`t to my usual standard, I`m sufferung from
tocilitus, and my mind isn`t with it this week (and thanks to anyone who
says we didn`t notice any difference<G>).

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