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Re:General EMP thoughts

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 20:43:42 -0000
Subject: Re:General EMP thoughts

How about this for applying EMP dammage.

1-Roll to hit & how many hits caused.

 2-roll a D6, using this table (nicked from dean gundberg)
2-Special Electronics (Sensors, ECM, etc.)
3-Fire Controls
4-FTL Drive
5-Main Drive
6-Back to top of list

Or the drive/ftl drive could be combined and 5 used for weapons, or 6
be used for weapons.

3-Then, add up the number of systems affected in each subgroup (eg-You
a 3, which is fire controls. The targetted ship has 4 firecons +1
Roll a D6 for each, the highest is the one taken out (Roll 5D6 (4
firecons +
adfcon), roll a 3,6,2,6. This takes out the second firecon and the
If only one taken out, and you roll 2 equal highest numbers, reroll the
highest until there is only one highest number. This could be a good
for which weapons are taken out if you allow weapons to be targetted.

This would not require too much die rolls, and wouldn`t lenghten the
too much if you have multipul die, to be able to roll the die required

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