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RE: [FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

From: stranger@c...
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:28:43 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

> > > So they don't have to preplot movement then?
> > 
> > I'm debating that.	I like and don't like the idea.
> > 
> [Bri] If they do not pre-plot movement, then the player with cloaked
> should nto be able to view the table with non-cloaked ships. Cloaking
> not be a one-way mirror.

After Beth's and, now yours, and lots of thought about it, I agree.I'm
going to 
chnge it to require the cloaked player to pre-plot his moves, though he
how many moves to plot in advance.  When his plots are used up, he moves
ship as per the normal cloak rules.  The current position is then known,

thought the ship still remains cloaked.

This also solves the who's closest problem, since detections, could be
based on table position of the cloaked vessel.	Not 100% realistic, but
I think 
it works well.

> [snip]
> > >  >  -1 per thrust used by the uncloaked
> > >  >ship using the most thrust.
> > >
> > > Hey?
> > 
> > Example, if a visible ship anywhere on the board uses 5 thrust, then
> > is
> > a -5 to the detection value, if 5 thrust was the most thrust that
> > visible on the board used.	IN other words, whoever is using the
> > thust,
> > is broadcasting the most "noise" and thus drowning out the "noise"
> > scanning ships are trying to hear.
> > 
> [Bri] This should also work both ways. The cloaked ship should be able
> "hear" the fastest moving ship best, but the other ships be obscured
by the
> "noise". Obviously the cloaked ship is using passive sensors to locate
> non-cloaked ships in the same manner as cloaked ships are using
> sensors to locate the cloaked ship (but non-cloaked ships have the
option of
> using active sensors).

I agree, but I'm not really sure its an issue, espeically if using pre-
plotting, UNLESS cloaked ships are allowed to fire while cloaked.  I'm
they are not, unless the ACTIVE SENSORS option of these rules is also

> [Bri] And verification. The cloaked player should have to divulge the
> for the cloaked ship and plot it out turn by turn from the last known
> location (or starting point) on the table when the cloaked ship is
> discovered. If the ship remains cloaked, then place a marker for it at
> last known location.

Exactly!  Well said!

> [Bri] While Needle Beams are not guided after firing, they DO require
> PRECISION lock-on to be effective (i.e. destroy a specified system).
> they should be included with the "smart" or "guided" weapons for these
> purposes. Or deny them the ability to knock out a specific system.

Good point!  How about they lose the ability to knock out a specific
but can still do hull damage as per the normal rules?

> My comments above marked by [Bri].
> You may also want to take a look at my Alternate Cloaking Rules to
> Sumbarine Combat at <a 

I've read them, but I think I'm going to go back and read again.  My
impression was they were a bit more involved than I really wanted, so I
trying to come up with something that "felt" right, but was simpler.  I
want to 
give them another pass though, and see if there isn't anything I could
or if nothing else, see if my first impression just wasn't a bit
mistaken, and 
use what is there.


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