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RE: TO&E questions

From: mark.langsdorf@a...
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:26:22 -0600
Subject: RE: TO&E questions

> I'm designing a TO&E to go along with the PAs I'm having made 
> through Eureka's 100 club.  The idea is for mercenary unit, 
> utilizing rugged PA Companies composed of three 16-man platoons.
> My question is for vehicle mobilization.  At what level of 
> command is it realistic to assign vehicles? 

	For mechanized infantry, each squad could easily be
assigned the squad APC, or they could be a separate squad
at the platoon level, or a separate platoon at the company
	Any company or higher command element will have a few 
utility vehicles, of course.  

> Also, is it believable to assign advanced communications at
> the Platoon level and Company Level? 

	Depends on how advanced you mean.  Some kind of back-pack
radio is reasonable on the platoon level, and necessary on the
company level.	However, if you have trans-galactic range FTL
neutrinos transmitter for each squad, I'd be guessing you aren't
playing in the same SG2 background as the rest of us.

> Is a separate recon section a realistic attachment to a
> Company?  I envision the Recon section as 3 2-man teams of
> recon-equipped PAs.

	6 guys out of 54 sounds a bit high to me, personally.
But in principle, I can't see why each platoon couldn't have
it's own recon element.  

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