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Re: (OT) What I love to hate was Re: [OT] Mini Pictures

From: devans@u...
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 10:43:48 -0600
Subject: Re: (OT) What I love to hate was Re: [OT] Mini Pictures

Great idea but not sure I could take the rejection :)

Get your standard "I'm sorry but your style of painting isn't what we
looking for"
e-mail replies ready :)

You want rejection? I've been playing around with some designs that
look half bad to me (doesn't take much). Given Schoon's success, I
considered firing a few pics to Tony if I ever got something finished.
Worse, the design for which I had highest hopes suggested, to me, a
'conjectural' Swiss Confed capital. His turf, even if it's not in
Encyclopedia Galactica, so I'd feel I'd have to get his ok first.

Probability of rejection from two quarters. Heck, two continents... ;->=

We called ourselves the 'M Collective' (Jim Bell, Mike Miserendino and
Seidl were the other members) and had some neat plans to do more but it
didn't work out.  By the time we were ready to take on another line of
minis, many of the companies without any web presence now had web pages
(though  with few if any pics).

I recall the M Collective fondly, though I never realized you and Jim
party to the effort. Hope you got a payback on your effort from the
samples. Wasn't near proper recompense compared to how I appreciated 

By the by, was the 'Secret pictures of the new Talliscian fleet on
maneuvers.' Pic done with figs washed? I'd assumed it was just a good
of lighting. It's tough, but bare metal CAN be shot showing details.

And, oh yeah, you never call, you never write... ;->=

In fact Brigade Models is a web site that I could use to show what I
like to see. I looked through their offerings and saw some I loved and
I did not. In the end I found a few I would like to order.

Great Job Brigade Models!

Amen on all counts! And someday I WILL order from the majority that did
appeal to me. Really. Sort of like my finally getting a working campaign
system, or all my lead painted, or... *sigh*

Hmm.... best close this before someone else makes a comment inspiring me
further blather.

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