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(OT) What I love to hate was Re: [OT] Mini Pictures

From: Derek Fulton <derekfulton@b...>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 11:33:33 +1100
Subject: (OT) What I love to hate was Re: [OT] Mini Pictures

Casquilho, Daniel wrote:
>GW is looking to grow and thus they
>understand that you need to kill off products that are not selling
>and revamp the ones that might. We as older players may not like the
>"new editions" but the fact remains that a tree that is pruned
>grows better.

Dumbed down more like it, I'll be the first to admit that their
are good quality but their rules are based back in the 60's (borrowed
books with titles like 'Battlegaming' or the 'Boys bumper book of 
wargaming') and are simply there to get you to purchase more miniatures 
(exculsively from Gamesworkshop of course).

Warmaster did look promising but they only played catch up, Beth and I
the similarities Warmaster and the current corp of american rules
especially when Gamesworkshop try pretend that Gamesworkshop is the 
wargaming hobby period.

>  The fact is the "cottage industry" mentality is what will drive this 
> hobby further into obscurity.

<snip, snip>

>Our hobby will continue to flounder as long as companies continue to
>do business as if it were the early 70s.

Let's not forget that wargaming IS A COTTAGE INDUSTRY and is not
there are quite a few Hobbies catered for by businesses that are little 
more than a couple of blokes in a shed out the back. But in our case,
hobby we are involved in, wargaming, now has a supplier who is a 
multi-national which aggressively attempts to remove the competition 
(getting shop owners only to stock their product and promising good
if this happens and putting you on the bottom of their list if you

( Rant, rant, rant......gets off soap box)

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