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Re: [DS] Towed Artillery

From: Noel Weer <nsweer@i...>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 11:41:45 -0600
Subject: Re: [DS] Towed Artillery

Ndege Diamond wrote:

>> Second, I need something to do the towing. Any vehicle/figure 
>> suggestions on that front? I thought about the civilian/MP GEV van by

>> GZG, but it seems too large for the role. And I think a tracked or 
>> wheeled vehicle may go better with the guns.
> A friend of mine gave me a pack GHQ minis that I use as ammunition
> for my self propelled artillery that might fill the bill for towing
> Artillery. They are the 548 cargo carrier based on the M113 hull. They
> tracked vehicles that IMO look appropriate for a low tech DS force
> would be towing artillery around. An image is at

I like these. They look a bit more like something you may see in a 
combat zone, and less generic than the actual trucks do.

You got me poking around and I found This one _may_ work, as it 
looks bulky enough to be hauling could protect the gun crews a bit...

> If you want to go with wheeled vehicles then GHQ's modern German
> vehicles might be the way to go.  I have some MAN 7.5 ton truck
> that I use for my low tech Dirt Side army.The people I have played
> Side with don't recognize them so they pass as futuristic. But then
again I
> don't live in Germany. Image: I
> want to get some of the MAN 10 ton trucks because they look cool too.
> Image:

Though, I do like the trucks. They may be worth getting for scenarios of

convoy escort or breaking through to rear areas.

Thanks for the links.

> Good hunting,
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