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Re: OT-Glenn M Wilson??

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 06:49:30 EST
Subject: Re: OT-Glenn M Wilson??

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 18:29:56 -0000 "Bif Smith" <>
>>plus the Nekton
>>(Paranoid Amphibs) having a secret colony planning conquest from the
>What are the nektons? I keep seing it on your sig at the bottom of 
>mails, and it`s got me curious.

Bif, it's from Starguard (rules are well over 30 years old in Edition 5. 

There is a web site, try for
the Nektons.  They were enslaved by the Ralnai (lizards) then threw off
the oppression and got into space.  *Highly* paranoid (like me, <grin>
real life) and slightly incomprehensible.  They clashed with the Rep-Com
over a planet in the Commercial Wars (and the Rep-Com are on my campaign
planet Cotu (apologies to the Middle Kingdom for Bastardizing their
ancient name but it fits the campaign...) where the campaign occurs...)

Amphibs, real "Marines" - no, I was USAF but had two uncles in the US
Marines one too young for Korea  (one or two stripes depending on his
antics that month,) the other (master sergeant) got his medical
retirement at Chosin in the 'early' fighting.  Probably the longest and
scariest truck ride he ever got was on the 'strategic redepolyment' back
form Chosin.  

I like the weapons and the cause...  Figures are easy to paint too.

>"yorkshire born,yorkshire bred,
>strong in arms, thick in head"
>PS- It`s probably something only the older people know, being only a
>wippersnapper, I keep thinking of the big headed alien from dan 
>(comic book fan tendencies coming out).

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