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SMLs, fire control & arcs

From: "Nathan" <Nathan_at_Spring_Grove_UK@e...>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 22:24:24 -0000
Subject: SMLs, fire control & arcs

First of all my apologies if this has come up at all
recently (and I have a suspicion that it has). I've
checked my folder of adjudications, skimmed
every on-line FAQ I could find and cleared my
list backlog looking wisdom, without success.
I even tried reading the rulebooks...

The question is: How many FireCons are needed
to launch SLMs and SRMs? None? One per turn?
One per target? One per salvo? FireCons aren't
really discussed after FT2 and MT missiles get
by with none at all, unless you play the house rule
that the vessel must have at least one working
fire control in order to launch any.

The reason for this question is that I'm finally
sending my Foche into action under the FB1
rules. (Hello 1998!) Being too lazy to paint my
fighters I'm looking at refitting her with six SML
systems and a larger magazine or two. This
brings me to my second question...

Presumably SM arcs can be other than those
shown in FB1. (FP/P/AP for example.) Could
these weapons potentially cover the aft arc?

I expect the answer to this to be a resounding
"No!", but if they do not require fire control
then the possibility did come to mind.


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