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[SG2] Claymores discouraging close assaults?

From: mark.langsdorf@a...
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 09:35:54 -0600
Subject: [SG2] Claymores discouraging close assaults?

	When I played SG2 last week, I met up with my opponent's
powered armor assault squads.  Bunch of nitwits in powered
armor, carrying shotguns and flame throwers.  A four man
fire team wiped out two (unwounded) squads in the same turn, by
close assaulting one squad, destroying it, and then overrunning
into the next squad.  
	(Just as a note, we were dropping the quality die in
close assault for being outnumbered, but what with power armor
doubling the die score, it just wasn't enough of a help.  
Reasonable results, but rather depressing).
	So I dug into the rulebook to find some help for my
poor, beleaguered squads.  Command-detonated mines {CDM] seem to
fit the bill, but I had some questions:

	1) The rules say the CDM, when activated, attacks the
closest unit.  Shouldn't that be "closest enemy unit", or
can I really blow my own guys to hell by setting the damn
thing off?
	2) How far away from my unit can I place a CDM?  Is it
acceptable to have a unit move to the edge of cover, go into
position, and then place the CDM an inch or two outside of
	3) Will a CDM blast even stop a close-assault?	I would
think it should be treating as final defensive fire under 
the close assault rules (need to cause a casualty) but I have
no idea if that's the correct reading or if that mimics real
world tactics.	Do people hunker down after a claymore goes

	Final question, related to the incident: Can an
unactivated unit use reaction fire against a close assaulting
unit that needs two combat moves to get to the target
unit?  My command squad was unactivated and had a good view
of the action, and it seems to me they should have been able
to fire upon the PA as it charged.  Of course, this didn't
occur to me until afterwards, and again, I don't know if the
rules support this.

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