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[OT] Pertaining to all things Beth

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:25:15 +1100
Subject: [OT] Pertaining to all things Beth

G'day guys,

Derek let loose:
 >And I can leave Beth to fend for herself.

You can always rely on a husband to destroy your air of mystery ;)

Laserlight, Kent and all other concerned bodies... you are more than
I have long since learned to tunnel my aggression into rolling copious
and kneading Narn (oops Naan) bread - now there's something to take your

aggression out in ;)

Glen bubbled with enthusiasm:
 >Maybe I will have to buy some, paint
 >them up (but not those Lime Green
 >Jumpsuits with Hot Pink body armor!)

Thank god! Hot pink and lime green are definitely NOT my colours ;)

 >and give them a "Bethic" moniker.

Now that could be a two edged sword ;)

 >Anybody else have an army of female Auxiliary
 >or Regulars?

None of the other guys here have an all female force, but they've all
the odd female trooper. GZG's range of combat babes and assassins etc
pretty handy for filling squads with the odd "attractive figure" ;)

Kent suggested about Derek's long lost film:
 >This is the one about the Japanese seige of Port Arthur

Given where we live that would've been ironic (Port Arthur the ex-penal 
colony and sight of Australia's worst modern day massacre being about 90

kms away).

Dave gave even more cheek with:
 >maybe we all should chip in an buy
 >you new dice for your birthday....

What a kind thought ;)

 >uuuhhh, that means you'll be
 >29-years-old for the what-th time???

It means I'll be 28 for the first time!!!!!! ;)

Dave then went on to try and placate me by making a reasonable
 >the best stuff I've worked with is ribbon epoxy.

Thanks I'll have to see if I can track it down here, though it may be
noting for all the asthmatics in the audience that any two part stuff 
involve chemicals that can knock us over (whether we can smell the fumes
not). Looks like a filter mask or fume hood is going to be a must. The
fumes the better though, so I will definitely look it up. Any particular

brand name I should keep an eye out for? Thanks.

The Beast lulls Beth into a false sense of calm by saying:
 >her presense has lent a charm
 >that would sorely be missed.

Flattery will get you everywhere ;)

 >You guys don't even begin to qualify as
 >APPRENTICE "Old Fart" gamers til you
 >get to be 45. I will be 53 this year, the
 >oldest gamer I know and play with is 76 or so.

We can't beat 76 (that is impressive!!), but Derek's Dad is 62 and he's
one that got Derek hooked in the first place. He only games infrequently

now, but it can make for some interesting comments when the three 
generations (John, Derek and Lachy) all come together in the same game



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