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RE: SG2: What's it like?

From: "Owen Glover" <oglover@b...>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 11:10:57 +1100
Subject: RE: SG2: What's it like?

Well Stargrunt is a fun, fairly easy to learn Squad/Platoon level game.
Normally the smallest movment element on the table is the Squad made up
of 6
to 9 figures.

Alan Goodall has a good information site that lays it out pretty well:

SG is not a points driven game and does receive criticism for that. I
that most of that criticism is from people who are looking for a
based set of rules. Personally I like it a lot, partly as it down't use
points and reduces the effect of people who might try to min max a game.
Takes a bit of getting used to regarding getting game balance right if
are customising scenarios and not sure what makes two even sides.

Vehicles is another aspect that a lot of people are uncomfortable with.
is essentially an Infantry game with Vehicles there in the background to
provide some color, support and targets :-)

The people on the list are really helpful and there quite a few good
websites to help you along.


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> I am looking for a good 25mm scale Sci-Fi game and since I think
> Full Thrust
> is the best Space-Combat game on the market, I am curious about what
> Stargrunt is like. The only other games of that scale I have played
> Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, neither of which bare any relation
> to any form
> of realism. Both games also have amazingly high prices for the
> figures. Any
> info about SG2 would be appreciated. I have been unable to find any
> for the Figures in Canadian Funds so if you could give me a rough
> range I would be happy and joyful and would come over and give
> you a BIG hug
> :-) Well... mabey not the hug...

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