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Re: [FH] St^3 Jon on target again

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 19:49:22 EST
Subject: Re: [FH] St^3 Jon on target again

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:37:39 -0800 "Laserlight" <>
>From: Glenn M Wilson <>
>> Wow, great tech-speak, Beth.  <grin>
>> Let's see if my Evil, Luddite [nay border line traditionalist]
>> Cartographically bent  mind got this straight.  If trends keep going
>> there is no significant social, technological or moral break through
>> [none of which is assured or even likely] The world might suffer a
>> wide spread collapse.  Stock market crash?  (Oops did that in 1929)
>> World War? (Hmm did that starting in the mid 1930's through the mid
>> 1940's)
>1914-1945.  Also 1787-1815 (Napoleonics), the earlier part of the
>1700's (Austrian or Spanish Succession? don't recall without looking
>it up), and 1618-1648 (Thirty Years War).  All in all, that part of
>the century doesn't seem like a good time to go into harm's way.
>Did I mention that, according to military white papers published by
>the PRChina, they expect a war with the US "in the next few years"?  I
>recall 2008 being mentioned.

Sooner possible, Later desirable, Never preferable.

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious (A NIMA employee)
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