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Re:FT-HET Lasers

From: "bif smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 01:31:26 -0000
Subject: Re:FT-HET Lasers

Err, yea, that sounds like what I was thinking of beth (or it sounds
than any of my idea`s <g>).

As for K.H.Ranitzsch, saying that too many weapons ignore sheilds
how about another idea, the MAGNETIC PARTICAL SHEILDING. The psb is you
larger magnetic generators on board your ship that generate a HUGE EM
around your ship, that is then charged with particals like what the beam
guns fire, and this can absorb a certain ammount of phisical dammage
overloading and going pop. This sheild can only absorb limited amounts
energy in pinpoint locations before allowing knetic, partical energy
through. This would mean that it acts like a normal screen for beam
reduces K-gun rounds by 1 point of dammage for each screen level (psb-
rounds are c fractional weapons, and plowing through concentrated
would affect them somehow), reduces the dammage from PH PBL`s by 1 for
screen level, and totally stops missiles (after PDS, causes them to
on impact of the sheild).P torps, because the energy contained is so
focused, would only have a disadvantage of a minus modifier to their
roll equal to the sheild rating. Cost/mass?, no idea at the moment, just
of the wall idea for discusion.

Another idea, totally stolen from robotech (sorry, macross, must go and
upon my otaku sword now), is a pinpoint barier sheild. Same psb as
except that it is even more tightly focused, and can be moved to cover
small parts of the ship. It is so focused, that it can stop even k-gun
rounds totally, but must be placed in location before the rounds hit. To
represent this, you cound roll a D6+2, and exceed the to hit roll of the
other player, whatever the weapon. Multipul sheilds would be allowed,
could be overlaped to increase dammage absorbsion, but they can only
against 1 attack per turn. When the dammage of the pinpoint sheild is
exceeded, the sheild would require say 1D6 turns to regenerate. Could
not be
used with normal sheilds. Mass/cost?, no idea, see above.

Just 2 totally OTT, off the wall, crazy, or just plain nuts ideas to
consider. If used, the mass/cost of these would have to be great, due to
advantages incured by these systems.

"yorkshire born,yorkshire bred,
strong in arms, thick in head"

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