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Re: FT-Command & control

From: Derek Fulton <derekfulton@b...>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 04:07:50 +1100
Subject: Re: FT-Command & control

bif smith wrote:

>I was thinking about a command ship for fleets/squadrens, and thought
>flag bridges. I`ve thought about the penalties for the loss of a flag
>bridge, in allowing the players one one side to not talk or write
>between each other for 1 turn, so losing co-ordination between ships
>tempererally (as well as the mass removed from offensive weapons, pds
>As for advantages for using flag bridges, I`ve had several ideas, and
>looking for more.
>Reasons for using Flag Bridges-
>1-Any fighters can use any hanger on any ship for reloading/rearming
with no
>penalties. for this to be a advantage, there needs to be a penalty for
>different fighter group than the ones normally alocated to the ship
>reloading (say, a extra 1 turn to reload a torpedo wing in a
>wing hanger bay).

Not meaning to offend, but why does having space given over to a flag 
officer and his staff confer such advantages to a ship, what is it that 
these 'staff-weenies' do that when it filters down to the flight deck
enables them to break down the barriers and tackle 'strange' fighters
arrive in their hanger bay?

>2-Allows the side with flag bridge to pass writen messages between each
>other without the other side being able to intercept them. The side
>any (operable) flag bridges must only pass messages verbally, so the
>with the flag bridge knows what the other side is doing (represents the
>co-ordination possible between the ships of a squadren or fleet).

Today communications between navy ships is very good and I imagine that
the future it's going to get better, tight beam communication between 
spacecrafts will be probably very hard to intercept. And if the 
communications aren't tight beam but being broadcast to all listeners, 
encryption will make decoding vital time sensitive enemy communications 

>3-Allows sensor infomation from any ship to be shared between any ship
>the squadren/fleet. So, if one ship has improved sensors, it can share
>info with it`s collegues.

Again the quality of communications and transmission of data will make
matter of fact (I believe that the US Navy refers to their system as

>4-If more than one ship in a squadren/fleet has a flag bridge, if one
>destroyed/disabled, the other one(s) may take over immediatly, with no
>pause/disruption in communications between ships.

Again quality of the 'network' within the fleet will probably smooth
such disruptions, with ships routing information to other ships in the 
fleet as and when required. And if the Flag officer and his staff are
with the flagship, then that's what the chain of command is for. The
senior officer would take command of the fleet using previous orders and

intentions (given by the previous commander), SOPs and his own judgement
fight the battle (and defeat the enemy of course).

>Notes-Considered a core system, adds a second bridge symbol (with a F
>to represent the flag bridge) on the core systems. Also allows a extra
>factor in boarding actions (if used), to represent the extra marines
>for Admeral protection duties.

Actually I think the idea of the 'flag bridge' is a good one, but I
use it in team games where orders, planning and chain of command are 
important, the flag bridge symbol would designate the 'location' of the 
players. For example the FSE are battling the NSL, the NSL side is made
half a dozen players, one being the C-in-C and the others commanders of 
groups of ships within the NSL fleet. One group is commanded by myself,
battle squadron of four DNs and I have my flag on the first DN (marked
the SSD as such), during the battle the DN explodes killing me (cheering

heard in background, Derek looks around). I'm dead no longer able to
or receive orders, I relinquish control of my group (to my subordinate 
perhaps?) and become a spectator crying into my stout while my 'live' 
teammates and opponents make much of my demise.


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