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RE: [SG2][DS2] battalion or regimental level meta-game

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:03:03 -0500
Subject: RE: [SG2][DS2] battalion or regimental level meta-game


After running my Moonbase Xi Dirtside II scenario a couple of times at
GZGECC, I had similar ideas. In the scenario one side is trying to enter
base, acquire some data and exit the same side of the board. Both times
there was an infantry close assault near the base.

If I ever run it again, I would like to have a side table to set up a
Stargrunt II linked game. What I tought of doing was:
1. Create a template 6"x10" to represent the area on a SG2 board
(60"x96" or
2 3x8  tables). 
2. When any activated unit gets within 10" of opposing forces, the Game
Judge places template is over them and the DS2 turn for those figures is
replaced by 3 turns of SG2. DS2 has 15 minute turns and SG2 has about 5
minute turns.
  2a. At the end of the 3 SG2 turns, the figures are "mapped" back onto
DS2 board and the template is removed.
  2b. If a unit was activated during the SG2 turns, its confidence
marker is
flipped on the DS2 board (it has used its DS2 activation).
  2c. Units on the SG board may NOT effect units _not_ on the SG2 board.
I.e. command reactivation to/from an off-board unit, weapons fire at a
off-SG2-board, etc. is prohibited. Artillery may be called in from the
board, but its effects will take place on the DS2 board.
  2d. Confidence and leader rating changes are reflected on the DS2
board. A
unit must be destroyed on the SG2 board to be removed from the DS2

Some comments on the above:
1) This makes close range (under 10") tank battles VERY deadly, as they
place using SG2 rules.
2) If you have multiple instances of foces within 10" of each other, it
messy as you have to reconstruct terrain between DS2 turns. Example: 4
(A,B,X,Y) A-X are withing 10" and B-Y are within 10", but A-X is not
10" of B-Y. A is activated and goes to SG2 board with X. Later in the
game Y is activated and goes to the SG2 board with B (terrain is
reconstructed to match the DS2 board). Next DS2 turn A is activated
and so the SG2 board would be reconstructed back to the A-X terrain.
3) SG2 stats for all DS2 units would have to be made prior to the game
casualties kept track of.
4) Suppression of vehicles do not translate into Under Fire markers in
but suppression on infantry would translate into Under Fire markers in

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> Subject:	[SG2][DS2] battalion or regimental level meta-game
> Musing away, I was, about how nice it would be to have something to
> together games of DS2 and SG2. Then a thought came to me... would it
> feasible to implement a reasonably simple battalion or regimental
> metagame that would generate scenarios for DS2 and SG2?  SG2 battles
> to
> be fought with anything from 2 squads up to 1 company or more, whereas
> battles are probably fought anywhere from company to battalion sized.
> therefore means battalion or regimental level might be appropriate for
> metagame. 
> Questions that then raise themselves:
> 1) How should such a game be conducted?
> 2) If it is using a map, what scale is appropriate?
> 3) What time period is appropriate per turn of the meta-game?
> 4) How shall combats be resolved?
> 5) What elements of logistics need to be involved? 
> etc. etc. 

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