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Re: Questions on cloaking (bit long)

From: Charles Stanley Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 20:37:02 GMT
Subject: Re: Questions on cloaking (bit long)

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	  "Pat Connaughton" <> wrote:

> Our group got together last night and we're working to 
> put together a game at our local store. One of the topics
> that was bruited about was the use of cloaking fields.
> One of our guys just watched a couple of the Star Trek
> movies from his collection and it came up in conversation.
> What house rules or variants had the 'list come up with?
> Our take is that there need to be a few mods on each side for 
> pro and con. Some greater chance of scan locating the
> cloaked object perhaps? Maybe some flexibility for
> movement or direction chances when cloaked?
> We all agree that cloaked vessels cannot fire or
> drop any sort of mine or small craft while cloaked.
> Please advise, Gentle Sirs (and Ma'm).
> Awaiting you replies....err, wisdom.
> Pat Connaughton

Well, my take on Star Trek type cloaking devices;

A ship that is cloaked cannot fire weapons (including pds), neither can
it power a screen generator. If sensor rules are in use it cannot use
active sensors either. A cloaked ship cannot be fired upon (but can be
affected by area effect weapons) unless it has been 'lit up' by

Cloaked ships in Star Trek never seem to be bothered with 'flying blind'
so assume that they _can_ use passive sensors.

In game terms, when a ship cloaks, mark its last known position and
vector, and remove the figure. The controlling player should plot
movement in secret (except from the ref, and I really think that a ref
is needed if you're using cloaked ships). Movement is still plotted turn
by turn, and the player can have the ship de-cloak on whichever turn he

Cloaking and De-cloaking must be written in the orders, it takes a full
turn to cloak, in which the ship suffers all the limitations for being
cloaked (q.v.), but can still be targeted normally.
Similarly, it takes a turn to de-cloak, with the same limitation, it may
get a 'surprise bonus' if it wasn't spotted - but I can't think of a
good way to implement that just now :-(

Cloaked ships _can_ be spotted with sensors, at least enough to know
that something is there and roughly where it is. Using the rules on
sensors in More Thrust, Sensors can spot cloaked ships, as follows:

Range	Basic	Enhanced	Superior
0-6 mu	4+	2+		automatic
6-12	5+	3+		2+
12-18	6	4+		2+
18-24	-	5+		3+
24-30	-	6		4+
30-36	-	-		5+
36-42	-	-		6

This is best handled by a ref. If the cloaked ship is spotted it still
cannot be targeted except by area-effect weapons.

For MASS and COST, I'd say use the More Thrust values, MASS = 10% of
MASS of ship (minimum of 1), COST = 20 x MASS of cloaking device (2x
MASS of the ship).

Extras from the Undiscovered Country.

'Fire while Cloaked' Fire Control (FWCFC)
This advanced Fire Control enables a cloak ship to attack while cloaked,
but it is limited to only working with pulse torpedoes or missile
systems (MT or SM), and only 1 weapon system per FWCFC. Firing while
cloaked gives a +2 bonus to sensor rolls to spot the cloaked ship.


Anti-Cloaked Ship Missile.
This is a variant of the More Thrust missile that can track a cloaked
ship. It has reduced firepower (1d6+1) compared to a standard MT


Anti-Cloaked Ship Salvo Missile
These have the same MASS as extended range salvos, but only have
standard (24 mu) range, to represent the extra sensors carried. Damage
remains unchanged.

MASS 3 per salvo, COST ?

For both of the 'Anti-Cloaked Ship' missiles, the launching ship must
have first located the cloaked ship with its sensors before the missiles
can be launched.

I hope this is all of use - haven't tested any of it yet - but I
will, one of my players is a huge Star Trek fan :-)

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