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From: "Flynn Richardson" <Flynn.Richardson@u...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 12:48:53 +1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)
Subject: [FT] AAR ESU vrs NAC

Hi all,

Just a quick report on our FT game from last night.

Battle conditions:

MU = inches
Cinematic movement
floating table (8'x5')
Meeting engagement
approximately 1500 pts per side (+/- 10%)
Not using fighter morale rules

Force composition:


1 Inflexible light carrier
	4 attack squadrons
1 Victoria Battleship
5 Ticonderoga Destroyers


1 Tsiolkovsky light carrier
	1 Interceptor
	2 Standard
	1 Heavy
1 Manchuria Battlecrusier
2 Voroshilev Heavy Cruisers
1 Novgrod Frigate


This was a quick weeknight game so we limited it to 1500pts each. The
information we know before the game is the nationality of the opposing
force, so it came as quite a surprise that we had both chosen a light
carrier force! (Neither of us have used fighters much) 

Initial deployment:

Both forces set up in the middle of the short side of the playing field.

The NAC was in a arrow formation with the Tico's forming the head and
Vic and the Inflexible the shaft. 

ESU was in a line abreast with the Manchuria in the centre flanked by
Voroshilevs with the carrier on the right flank and the frigate on the

Turn one

Both forces launched  all their fighters with the ESU ones taking up
screening duties around the Manchuria as it had the least fighter
protection. The NAC fighter moved ahead of the fleet.

The ESU moved forward at a sedately pace of 6mu directly towards the
The main NAC force sped up to 10mu and did likewise. The carrier slowed
down separating off the back of the arrow.
No fire as out of range

Turn two 

NAC fighters continued to move in front of the fleet but out of range of
the ESU fighters. ESU continued to screen.

ESU continued forward no change (wanted to keep the range open and see
what the NAC fighters were up to) 

NAC accelerated to 12 and continued forward. The carrier continued to

Still out of range.

Turn three

NAC fighters continued to move in front of the fleet but still out of
range of the ESU fighters. ESU continued to screen.

ESU took the chance that the NAC would accelerate again as therefore
just be in range of the class 3's of the fleet.

NAC obliged with the two Ticos on the ESU's left flank and the Vic the
other Ticos accelerated and turned 2pts to port the carrier still
along to the rear 

ESU opened fire at extreme range with the Voroshilevs and inflicted
to two ticos ( Manchuria did not have a target due to the split) The Vic
was just out of range wishing for an extra mu or two. One tico took 2pts
the other 3pts and lost a class 1 Ftl and main drive to threshold
(normally the ESU gunnery skills are sorely lacking, this time we must
have calibrated the targeting comps right!)

Tico attempted to fix Main drive.... Failed

Turn four.

ESU got initiative.

NAC moved fighter squadron within range where the ESU fleet would end
ESU interceptor pounced on it, rest of the NAC followed so sensing a
party so did the rest of the ESU.

The ESU executed a one point turn to port and accelerated to 8 ( I was
attempting to get out on the flank of the NAC as I thought that they
want to close range to bring their c1s into play and so would accelerate
again. I would then get one or two shots off and then carry on towards

The NAC center force speed up to 15 and the port mob turned three points
starboard back towards my fleet.

Fighter combat; (we may have had a misunderstanding here, the NAC
that he had to fight my fighters and that then the survivors would get
attack my ships as well. I didn't realise he thought the second part) We
took it as a multi fighter furball. The interceptors attacked first and
knocked out two craft. He attacked with a full squadron and hit a
interceptor. My heavy attacked a full squadron and also hit two craft.
replied and got another interceptor. So far score 4-2 to the ESU at half
time. The standard fighter decided to attack one of the weekend
and got 5 kills i.e. one wasted he replied and missed totally so my
squadron attacked a complete squadron and earned a Hero of the Union
as they whacked all six. Final score 14-2 to the ESU. This is when the
commander said ok now I expend another endurance and attack the
I pointed out that you only get to fire once a turn. He took it on the
chin and said darn ( actually was more like @#$%!@# ) Ok lets move on to
the ships!

As the ESU had initiative the Manchuria let rip with everything that
bear at the Vic and the left over class 2 on a Tico.
The gunners must have been watching the furball as only one beam hit!
The Vic replied by targeting everything at one of the Voroshilevs and
only did one pt!
Fire continued to be traded  for the rest of the turn with the NAC not
managing to do too well only scoring another point on the Voroshilev
the ESU cut off all the Vics armour and scored 4 hits on the hull. Thank
goodness for shields as the NAC managed to roll lots of 4's!

Turn five.

The demoralized NAC admiral looked at his fleet and worked out that even
with maximum deceleration or maximum turn the ESU would be able to get
behind him. The ESU offered terms which he accepted.

Questions Raised.

1) Do fighter have to fight back? i.e. could the NAC attack fighters
ignored the ESU fighters as just gone for the ships regardless? 
2) Do you have to designate all fighter attacks first? or can you wait
until you see the effects of the previous squadron?

Lessons learned:

Don't assume that the other guy wont take fighters! 

Flynn Richardson
Powders Project Manager
Lever Rexona New Zealand

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