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Re: Someone wanted to see vehicles...

From: Derek Fulton <derekfulton@b...>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 10:04:10 +1100
Subject: Re: Someone wanted to see vehicles...


If anyone is still interested I have some pictures of my vehicles for
(Gauntlet APC, Rommel and M82 Slammer hover tanks, hover jeeps) and SG2 
(Gauntlet APC and hover jeep) at our website (Beth and I), the URL
be at the bootom of this post. I hope this helps.


At 11:22  5/01/01 -0800, you wrote:
>On Fri, 05 January 2001, "Barclay, Tom" wrote:
> > In case anyone needs to see some 25mm vehicles, I'll
> > list quickly what I own and I can get digitized images of if anyone
>Same here, for anyone that needs it. I have:
>GZG VTOL transport
>GZG VTOL gunship
>GZG GEV Combat car (a Hammer's Slammers combat car"
>GZG GEV jeep
>Grendel Kryomek anti-grav tank
>Grendel Kryomek anti-grav missile launcher
>Grendel Kryomek anti-grav APC/scout vehicle
>Grendel Kryomek anti-grav howitzer
>The Grendel vehicles came in three varieties: anti-grav, wheeled,
>The only difference was the bit that you glued onto the bottom.
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