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Re: [OT/DSII] Re: Shermans and Panthers

From: "Robin Paul" <Robin.Paul@t...>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 02:53:54 -0000
Subject: Re: [OT/DSII] Re: Shermans and Panthers

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From: Allan Goodall <>
> In general, the Soviet vehicles were very good and far superior to
> As you and others have mentioned, the problem with the Soviets was
> doctrine, training, and tank-to-tank communications.
> Allan Goodall

A couple of comments on the tank debate- the Panther was a fine tank
running, but consider the test to choose a gun for the IS-2 heavy tank,
which at 46 tonnes is in about the same weight class as the Panther.  A
captured Panther was used as a target, for the 100mm and 122mm candidate
guns.  A 122mm round passed through the frontal AND through the rear
and the side armour on a Panther is far thinner.  There's also the
and its ISU-152 successor.  The SU-152 got the name "Zvierboi" (approx.
game hunter" - literally beast fighter) because it killed Panthers and
Tigers so effectively with its 152mm L\29. In the words of Rab C Nesbit,
"Nuthin personal, pal, but have a sair face".

On the subject of Sherman crews not wishing to draw attention to
consider Sgt. Fred Kite of 3RTR in the bocage fighting, where he won two
bars to his Military Medal in less than a fortnight- the first when his
squadron was held up by two tanks and two 88mm. Kite used the terrain to
approach the enemy, killed one 88, one PzIV and one Panther.

Rob Paul

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