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Re: mobility in DS2

From: Noel Weer <nsweer@i...>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 07:37:16 -0600
Subject: Re: mobility in DS2

I was considering this, and what if you had to buy movement rates as a 
vehicle cost.
For instance, what if slow tracked cost 1 point for each 1" of movement,

fast track would cost 2 or 3 points for each 1", etc.?
You could end up with a standard set of tracked movement restrictions, 
but end up with a much wider variety of movement rates - costed in such 
a way that expand variability in play.

Mob. Type	pt./inch   base 10" cost
----------	--------   -------------
Slow Tracked	   1	       10
Low-Mob wheels	   2	       20
fast tracked	   3	       30
hi-mob. wheels	   4	       40
slow GEV	   5	       50
fast GEV	   6	       60
GRAV		   7	       70

If the system maintained a class size attribute, you could multiply it 
against the computed movement cost... Assuming that it would take more 
for a class 5 BMF of 10" than a class 1 with the same.

Any thoughts? It seems straight forward... Is this too simple? To hard 
to manage?

Barclay, Tom wrote:

> Hi Mike E! 
> You suggested a medium tracked mobility class. I'm hoping DS3 will do
> with these "breakpoints". I'd like to see a system where you have
> mobility, and all tracked vehicles suffer the same penalties moving
> terrain types. Some sort of power/weight or some other method should
> determine the number of inches you move. Thus a Panther and a Sherman
> both be tracked mobility (as might an M1A1) and the difference would
> Panther moves 8", Sherman moves 6", and M1A1 moves 12" or something
> that. That way you don't have artificial breakpoints and classes that
> the granularity in such a pronounced manner.
> Tomb. 
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