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Someone wanted to see vehicles...

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 14:07:23 -0500
Subject: Someone wanted to see vehicles...

The links were posted to the old images on Jon's site - a useful link
the new ones get up. In case anyone needs to see some 25mm vehicles,
list quickly what I own and I can get digitized images of if anyone
Drop me mail offlist at and let me know which ones
interest you, I'll get them digitized as soon as is feasible and get you
image. I don't have most of these photographed yet, so I'll be answering
requests by borrowing a camera and taking pics. One day, when I have my
camera.... sigh. 

Light Hover Jeeps (AC jeep)
Coonhound FSV (tank destroyer, wheeled)
LIPPC (NAC APC, wheeled)
Phalanx (NAC APC, large, wheeled)
? Wheeled Tank based off the Phalanx (NAC Wheeled Tank, fairly large)
Wombat APC (AC APC)
Interface Lander (large, fits LIPPC or Coonhound)
Cockroach Grav Tank (OUDF Grav Tank)
Cockroach Grav APC (OUDF Grav APC)
Grav Bike (OUDF)
GEV Medium MBT (Goliath?)
Wheeled Truck
2 GEV/Grav APCs.... and I don't know whose they are.... they might be

Non GZG:
Eldar Tempests (Armourcast Grav Tanks, painted KV, OOP, big)
Eldar ? (Epicast Grav Tank, Light) (the name of this one escapes me,
Galoob Aliens APC
Galoob Aliens Dropship
Galoob LVPT-7 Marine APC
Star Wars Chickenwalker AT-ST
Grendel FW Assault Walker
Grendel FW Recce Walker
Grendel Attack VTOL
Grendel Scarab Wheeled 6x6 APC
Grendel FW Police APC
Grendel FW Police 4x4 car
Civilian Vehicles (BMW SUV, Mustang)

Figurewise, if it matters, I have FSE (50 odd), NSL (50 odd), some PAU
or so), ESU (60 odd), a few NAC (8 or 10), a few Dutch (8 or 10), NI
OUDF (near 50), Mercs (50 or so), UNSC (25), Kravak (25 or so), Not
Predators (27), House Kurita (50+)and House Steiner (30+) battletroops,
(though I refuse to use the marines...) (180+), etc. 

Thomas R. S. Barclay
Voice: (613) 722-3232 ext 349

2001: To the New Millenium! The next thousand years
are MINE. 

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