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RE: New on the list

From: agoodall@c...
Date: 5 Jan 2001 10:44:34 -0800
Subject: RE: New on the list

On Fri, 05 January 2001, "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" wrote:

> For movement, I would recommend the opposite. I would 
> suggest Vector movement. While it seems more complex,
> I think that the end result is more intuitive than
> with cinematic movement.

I agree with Brian. It is a lot more intuitive. The only possible
problem is that new players tend to fly off the table more often than
experienced players. If you don't think of the "floating table" concept
(which isn't in the book), you can get frustrated fairly easy. 

That having been said, in most of the games I've played players have
actually been VERY concerned about going too fast and tended to play
more conservatively.

Another vote in favour of the FB1 book is that a player gets a whole lot
of predesigned ships with it. Even if not playing with the GZG universe,
that does help a lot.

Allan Goodall -

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