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Re: Co-operative games?

From: "chubbybob" <bob@r...>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:29:38 +0100
Subject: Re: Co-operative games?

Hi folks..
      No one has mentioned miniature games. I remember at least two..
wars" in which the players are the US cavalry and are assaioled by what
remember as millions of random and programmed redskins...  I also
remember a
set called "drums along the watusI" written by Richard Brookes.. Same
in Africa...

  Bob DeAngelis
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Subject: Re: Co-operative games?

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> > > "Scotland Yard", from a few years ago, is a neat game.
> Yes, indeed.
> Another nice, if somewhat more complex, cooperative game is 'Republic
> of Rome' by Avalon Hill. Gamers play the various factions in the Roman
> Senate, and  each strives to become dominant. But meanwhile, you have
> manage finances, wars, domestic policy etc. If Rome is overrun by the
> barbarians, if the people revolt or the state goes bankrupt, all
> lose.
> Out of print now, unfortunately
> Greetings

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