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Re: [SG2] Questions

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Date: 4 Jan 2001 11:21:19 -0800
Subject: Re: [SG2] Questions

On Thu, 04 January 2001, FAIVRE Renaud TPC-SRD wrote:

> G' Day

Hi, there.

This is interesting. Your questions are getting harder to answer! *L* I
don't have the rulebook with me, so this is from memory. I'll correct
anything later when I have the rulebook in front of me. 
> Rally
> On ly a command unit can make a rally test. Is ti possible for a
command unit 
> to make a rally test on it self ? In this case is it necessary to make
> communication test ?

That's a good question. I've rarely run into a situation where a command
unit becomes demoralized, because the command unit is usually kept
someplace reasonably safe.

I would say that, based on the rules, your command unit can not self
rally. If it drops in Confidence Levels, you are stuck for the rest of
the scenario. Likewise, if a command unit is eliminated you can no
longer transfer actions.

Now this would be a good place for a house rule. In my American Civil
War rules for Stargrunt I do allow the replacement of a command unit by
another unit. This could be done in regular Stargrunt games.

As for rallying a command unit, you could always create the next level
up commander that is off the board. For instance, if you have a platoon
on the table top you can have a company commander off the table. Then,
the company commander can do a rally on the command unit. In this case,
I would probably add a Threat Level modifier and this would count as the
command unit's entire action. Note that this is a house rule! And one
that I made up off the top of my head. As the rules stand, a command
unit can not rally.

Check the rules on independent figures, though. There may be something
there about them being able to Rally.

> Regroupement
> Does it possible for two whole units to regroup in one single unit ?
(If you 
> have one unit of 5 men with leadership 1 and another unit of 5 men and

> leadership 3 you make a unit of 10 men and leadership 1.  It's too
easy !! )

I believe it is possible for two units to regroup. The rules are on page
17. I can't remember how the leadership value and quality is determined.
I think it's based on the largest element, but don't quote me. This may
seem too "easy" but remember that regrouping essentially removes two
actions since you've gone from two squads to one.

> Detached Element
> A leader  can give 2 actions at a detached element by a success
> roll.  
> Can you use one of the two actions of a unit to carry out an action
with the 
> detached element of this unit ?

Here's how detached units work. 

A detached unit is created with a Reorganise Action. The detached part
of the unit gets a "detached" marker. It is still considered part of the
unit, though. The squad leader stays with the part of the squad that was
NOT detached.

When the unit is activated, it gets two actions. Or, rather, the leader
gets two actions. This is the key to the game. Squads never get actions.
Squad leaders get the actions. They can make their guys move (and move
with them) or fire, or they can do things on their own.

The leader has two actions. He can use those two actions to make the
guys in the part of the squad that didn't detach do stuff. This could be
move, fire, what have you.

If he wants the guys in the detached part of the squad to do stuff, he
has to transfer an action to those guys. This requires a communication
roll. The detached elements of the squad now get two actions.

That leaves the squad leader with one action left. That action can ONLY
be used on the guys in the main part of the squad. So, they can only do
one action.

In summary, if a squad is detached it has a main part and a detached
part. The main part has 2 actions, the detached part gets NO actions!
But, the squad leader can use up one of the main group's actions to do a
Transfer Action to the detached group. If successful, the detached part
gets two actions.

> Hidden Units
> 1/ Hidden marker must be placed in positions in wich elements could be

> concealed from ennemy reconnaissance.
> 2/ Spotting Unit : Unit is revealed the first time that an opposing
> obtains a clear line of sight to the marker if it is in the open.
> Is it possible to place a hidden marker in the open ?

Yes. For instance, you could have a huge clearing and put a hidden
marker in the middle of the clearing. It isn't in cover or terrain or
anything, but the enemy can't see it. It is hidden as long as the enemy
can't get a clear line-of-sight to it.

Allan Goodall -

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