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Re: [SG2] Re-Activeted Unit

From: agoodall@c...
Date: 3 Jan 2001 11:22:07 -0800
Subject: Re: [SG2] Re-Activeted Unit

On Wed, 03 January 2001, "Steve Pugh" wrote:

> > 2/ If a Command Unit active a Subordinate Unit with is first action,
> > when does the Command Unit take it's second action ?
> >  (Just after the full activation of the Subordinate Unit ?)
> Yep, that's right.

Technically true, but all transfer actions must be declared before ANY
transfer action is resolved. The rules specifically state that the
communication rolls (if needed) to both units must be completed before
either squad is activated with the Transfer Actions, if the command unit
is going to activate two units. This is an exception to what you say

Does it make a difference? I mean, can't you just get away with
declaring the units you want to activate and resolve it one at a time?

The only time when I've seen it make a difference is when EW is being

Say you have two squads with missile launchers. The command unit wants
to activate both. The communication rolls are made first. If the
defender wants to jam the communication attempt with EW, he has to
decide right there and then for both communication rolls. Otherwise he
could try to jam the communication to the first squad but hold back an
EW counter or two to see what squad A is going to do (perhaps to try and
jam the missile, if it's fired), then use any EW counters left to jam
the communication roll to squad B. As per the written rules, the
defender has to make a tougher decision. Does he try to jam squad A? Or
just squad B? Or both? And if he tries both, maybe he won't have any EW
counters left for the missiles.

It also makes a difference if the EW unit is a separate squad. Say you
have an EW unit and you have used up all the EW counters. You want to
activate the EW unit to get the 3 EW counters again, and you also want
to activate another squad. Per the written rules, both communication
rolls would have no EW counters to stop jamming, because the
communication rolls to both squads have to be made before either squad
is actually activated.

It's a very minor thing, and not likely to be an issue except in games
with EW (and rarely even then). But that's how it's written in the
rules. Funny enough, I was surprised to see that it WAS spelled out this
clearly in the rules. It stops arguments...

Allan Goodall -

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