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Re: [figures] Interesting development

From: "Scott B. Jaqua" <jaqua@c...>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 10:48:06 -0700
Subject: Re: [figures] Interesting development

Check out a new firm on the web at

This company started in July of this year and seems to offer this very
process to the consumer with a claimed price of $25-$25,000. They take
drawing and make the toy/game piece. They claim to work off of drawings,
I'm sure the price goes down if you do the design work your self. Looks
they use a 3D CAD program called Solid Works (which I have at the

Scott B. Jaqua

Charles Stanley Taylor wrote:

> Not specifically GZG related (except that GZG produces figures), but
> have a look at the article on 3D printers in this weeks New Scientist
> (either in the printed magazine or on the web site,
> This has interesting implications for the future of miniatures games,
> and the companies that produce the miniatures!
> Imagine, design your own spaceship on a 3D CAD package, hit the print
> 3D icon, wait a bit, and you've got your own custom miniature!
> Of course, a lot depends on whether they can get the cost of a 3D
> printer and associated media down cheap enough for public consumption
> and I think these machines will always be too slow to compete with
> standard figure moulding techniques except for a few special cases (so
> I don't think Jon & Co. should worry, yet).
> Anyway, take a look, I found it interesting.

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