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Re: [figures] Interesting development

From: Mark Reindl <mreindl@p...>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 09:11:31 -0700
Subject: Re: [figures] Interesting development

I heard about this a few months back, but didn't recognize the
for minis gaming.  I wonder if that would be considered piracy if you
an existing mini (seeing as how we've seen some people on this mailing
who've done great work with rendering existing minis in 3d).  Not trying
start a long thread here, just curious about the legal aspects of it....


Charles Stanley Taylor wrote:

> Not specifically GZG related (except that GZG produces figures), but
> have a look at the article on 3D printers in this weeks New Scientist
> (either in the printed magazine or on the web site,
> This has interesting implications for the future of miniatures games,
> and the companies that produce the miniatures!
> Imagine, design your own spaceship on a 3D CAD package, hit the print
> 3D icon, wait a bit, and you've got your own custom miniature!
> Of course, a lot depends on whether they can get the cost of a 3D
> printer and associated media down cheap enough for public consumption
> and I think these machines will always be too slow to compete with
> standard figure moulding techniques except for a few special cases (so
> I don't think Jon & Co. should worry, yet).
> Anyway, take a look, I found it interesting.

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