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RE: UNSC fleet carrier design

From: Charles Stanley Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:43:49 +0100
Subject: RE: UNSC fleet carrier design

In message <>
	  Beth Fulton <> wrote:

> G'day Charles,
>  >Well, have you seen the figure! (it is a) big...
> It is but I wouldn't say it was that much bigger than the Jeanne
D'Arc, so 
> making 340+ mass is probably a little on the high side. Maybe 300 at a

> push. Didn't one of the guys on the list use to actually weigh the
> to compare masses? Wonder how the UN CV vs the Jeanne D'Arc would work
> Just my 2 razoos.
> Beth

Funny you should mention that... I did actually weigh my other UN models
and compated them with my KV models and a FSE BDN - unfortunately, my
scales arn't very accurate for low weight items, so the results were a
guideline at best.

Ok, tried again (all results are approximate),

Ship		Figure Weight	Ship MASS
Bonaparte BDN		80gm	160
UNSC Gaia SDN-X 	120gm	240 (approx)
UNSC Fleet Carrier	155gm	330 (approx)

Hmm.. different again, I think I over-estimated the SDN-X weight -
<sigh> well, back to the drawing board :-| Carrier isn't far out though

You right, however, 342 is rather on the large size (by 12 MASS) - I'm
trying to cut it down a bit. :-)

I'm not overly fixated on the weight, I did the original weighing
exercise as the quickest way of geting a rough comparison on sizes.

And this only has any baring on the ship MASSes if we assume that all
human build ships have roughly the same densities :-)

How much does the Jeanne D'Arc figure weigh in at anyway :-)



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