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Re: DSII: Parachute deployed vehicles...

From: Glenn m wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:12:10 EDT
Subject: Re: DSII: Parachute deployed vehicles...

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 18:28:10 -0400 "Imre A. Szabo" <>
>In this months issue Armed Forces Journal, there is an artical about a
>company developing a system for parachute deployment of vehicles with
>the crews on board.  They have currently conduct over two dozen tests
>with 4 wheel ATV's and would like to test deploying HUMMV's...  The 
>military isn't currently interested, but the Eqyptians are somewhat
>intersted.  The ATV manufactures freek out when they here about thier
>ATV's being driven out the back of an airplane 25,000 ft. in the 
>The deployment system uses a ram parachute, so they can manuever in 
>This could make for neat new scenarios and tactics for DSII.  For
>assault purposes, you would only need dropships for big stuff, size 5
>and probably size 4.  Size 3 and smaller
>could be parachuted in with the crews on board...  I wonder how much
>trouble a half dozen NAC Paladins, Hoplites, Hunters, and Defenders
>could stir up if I parachuted them in behind enemy lines...
I have worked a lot trying to find useful size 1 'drop vehicles' (air,
not space) for use in a campaign where there are two or three
nationalities/armies with air borne Brigades (imagine a 'virgin' earth
type planet where the Soviets, Americans, Chinese, and Indians
'equivalents' have continental colonies...) and basically came down with
only about 4 'good' designs - HMW ATM (GMS/H and 'free' APSW), Fast
APC (1 FT, 2xAPSW,) Fast Track AGV Fixed DFFG/2 and 'free' APSW, and
GEV LRV ('Spot and Scoot') PDS/Sup, 2xAPSW - for low/mid tech forces. 
High tech can add Fast GEV/GRAV LAV Turreted HEL-1with 'free' APSW and
Fast Track LGV (turret: primary MDC/1, secondary MDC/1, 'free' APSW )
there is a limit with the small size and only one 'paid' weapon on

Opening up "Drop Troop" type size 2 vehicles opens up a LOT of
but definitely requires a house rule to allow an otherwise prohibited
practice:  Page 43, second column, all of paragraph 2.	While I
LIKE the idea I think for now I'll keep things as per the rules.  AND I
think I'd limit it to size class 2, not 3.

Gracias, Triphibious/Glenn
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